Why I joined Liquidware


Simply.  Well, I love what I do.  I love alliances and being a solutions champion for something I believe in – and it’s not just about webinars and pushing a product.  It also about educating your customers so they can make the best decisions for their organization.  Alliances on the other hand, is what makes the world go around, for a company at least.  Alliances find great partners to go to market with and you both benefit.

The best career advice I’ve received so far is, “Never turn down an interview.” I generally follow this advice because you only have so much time in life to make an impact

I first met Liquidware in the past during my Nutanix days.  They were a great company to work with, but honestly, I had over 80 partners, so when a partner that is easy to work with you make “note.”

In July this year, I started up a dialog with Tyler Rohrer (T-Rex) to understand what they were doing with Windows Virtual Desktop, Frame, AWS WorkSpaces, Google Cloud, etc.  After 5 minutes, the energy and passion I felt from Tyler was incredible.  Hearing about the technology they have been working on and getting a hint of Liquidware’s continued innovation was breath of fresh air.  That night, I thought long and hard and decided.  At that point, I had a mission, “To Work at Liquidware!”  So, the very next day, I approached Tyler and said, “Do you have a role for a person of my talents?”  The rest is history…..

One last thing…The one common thought I feel as I get to know the people here, “I joined a community, not a company.”

Standby for an update, there’s more to come!, Rob

Building Nutanix Ready – Understanding Ready – Early On – Part 1

Updated 9/22/17
The Journey to “Ready”
Are you Ready?

This is my journey to building a world-class “Ready” Program and understanding what validation means to me and the customer….This will be a multi-part series of my journey.

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Building Nutanix Ready…What does it mean to be “Ready”?

Before we go into what “Ready” really means.  Every great journey has a story behind it. This will be a multi-part series starting with how I joined Nutanix and evolved myself to build a world-class program called “Nutanix Ready”. Stay Tuned, Part 1 coming very soon!  RobNutanix Ready

API’s and their business value…


In the past few months, I have been focusing a lot of my time around the development of our Nutanix Ready Integrated Program which deals with partner solutions leveraging\cosuming our API (application programming interfaces).  After a lot of research on API programs and consumption patterns, I thought I would share my thoughts and some conclusions on the business side. Not sure if this is considered a blog post or just ramblings, but here we go.

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CPS Standard on Nutanix Released

Fun and crazy days here at Nutanix. I’ve busy been fielding a lot of calls around our new offering, CPS Standard on Nutanix. Now if you don’t know what CPS is, it stands for Cloud Platform System.

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Nutanix App for Splunk – Just Released

nutanix-US Nutanix App for Splunk

Nutanix App for Splunk

A Video Walkthrough on installation, configuration and demo of the Nutanix App for Splunk.  Also, included is demo of Splunk Mobile running the Nutanix App versys Safari running Prism. To learn more about Splunk, and details on this app, check out Andre’s Leibovici @andreleibovici blog post.  Happy Splunking 🙂

Until next time, Rob…