Why I joined Liquidware


Simply.  Well, I love what I do.  I love alliances and being a solutions champion for something I believe in – and it’s not just about webinars and pushing a product.  It also about educating your customers so they can make the best decisions for their organization.  Alliances on the other hand, is what makes the world go around, for a company at least.  Alliances find great partners to go to market with and you both benefit.

The best career advice I’ve received so far is, “Never turn down an interview.” I generally follow this advice because you only have so much time in life to make an impact

I first met Liquidware in the past during my Nutanix days.  They were a great company to work with, but honestly, I had over 80 partners, so when a partner that is easy to work with you make “note.”

In July this year, I started up a dialog with Tyler Rohrer (T-Rex) to understand what they were doing with Windows Virtual Desktop, Frame, AWS WorkSpaces, Google Cloud, etc.  After 5 minutes, the energy and passion I felt from Tyler was incredible.  Hearing about the technology they have been working on and getting a hint of Liquidware’s continued innovation was breath of fresh air.  That night, I thought long and hard and decided.  At that point, I had a mission, “To Work at Liquidware!”  So, the very next day, I approached Tyler and said, “Do you have a role for a person of my talents?”  The rest is history…..

One last thing…The one common thought I feel as I get to know the people here, “I joined a community, not a company.”

Standby for an update, there’s more to come!, Rob