Why I joined Liquidware


Simply.  Well, I love what I do.  I love alliances and being a solutions champion for something I believe in – and it’s not just about webinars and pushing a product.  It also about educating your customers so they can make the best decisions for their organization.  Alliances on the other hand, is what makes the world go around, for a company at least.  Alliances find great partners to go to market with and you both benefit.

The best career advice I’ve received so far is, “Never turn down an interview.” I generally follow this advice because you only have so much time in life to make an impact

I first met Liquidware in the past during my Nutanix days.  They were a great company to work with, but honestly, I had over 80 partners, so when a partner that is easy to work with you make “note.”

In July this year, I started up a dialog with Tyler Rohrer (T-Rex) to understand what they were doing with Windows Virtual Desktop, Frame, AWS WorkSpaces, Google Cloud, etc.  After 5 minutes, the energy and passion I felt from Tyler was incredible.  Hearing about the technology they have been working on and getting a hint of Liquidware’s continued innovation was breath of fresh air.  That night, I thought long and hard and decided.  At that point, I had a mission, “To Work at Liquidware!”  So, the very next day, I approached Tyler and said, “Do you have a role for a person of my talents?”  The rest is history…..

One last thing…The one common thought I feel as I get to know the people here, “I joined a community, not a company.”

Standby for an update, there’s more to come!, Rob

MVPITPro Podcast – Ep5 – A Talk with Mike Bender from the Azure Cloud Ops Advocate Team


Join us for episode 5 of the new MVPIT Pro Podcast, featuring your hosts Andy Syrewicze from Altaro Software and myself 

Join Andy and Rob as they talk about the world of IT, Microsoft, and the Microsoft MVP program!

In this episode Andy and Rob Talk about:

  • Windows Server 2019 GA Release
  • What is Cloud Ops Advocate?
  • and much, much more!

Our special guest interview this episode features Mike Bender @michaelbender – Cloud Ops Advocate Team at Microsoft!

Enjoy 🙂 !!!

The Microsoft Cloud: A Complete Picture


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Azure Stack 101: The Definitive Introduction


Azure Stack

Microsoft’s Azure Stack is an excellent toolset that allows enterprises to run a hybrid cloud right in their own datacenters, giving them additional cloud options.

But to really use it to its best advantage, IT pros should know the ins and outs of Azure Stack so they can use it within their business IT infrastructures to better manage, speed up and control their Azure cloud deployments and workloads.

A good place to start is with a primer on Azure Stack itself to give business users a broad look at what’s under the hood of their IT infrastructure.

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How Microsoft started it’s love for Linux ♥ – A History


Microsoft Love Linux

I’ve been using Linux distributions ever since I can remember.  It is arguably the most flexible operating systems in the world and it’s the foundation for many of the Virtual Appliances on the market today.  I’ve known some of the histories between Microsoft and Linux, but decided to dive in, research and give some good data points on

How Microsoft started it’s for love Linux”

Enjoy the ride down memory lane, Rob Continue reading