Infrastructure: from your Enterprise to the Starship Enterprise: Building the right Playground – Part 1

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Now, if you know me or every met me in any way, you know that I am a big Trekkie. The Star Trek series was very defining for my life in my ways. From the original series to Star Trek Next Generation to DS9, Enterprise, and off course Voyager. So recently, I decided to write this blog series in a context that many of us can understand over the coming weeks. I know that Star Trek is the love of many IT Pros.  And so we began this series on infrastructure..

To boldly go where no man has gone before, you need a superior starship. And like a well-appointed starship going into uncharted territory, a first-rate infrastructure platform that will help you easily navigate to quickly build, deploy, and manage apps, databases and services for any enterprise.

It’s no secret that HCI technologies has enabled large development shops (Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc) to be more reactive and agile, allowing them to evolve their apps in ways previously unavailable and unfeasible. Fictional hero Captain Kirk commanded a starship he could count on to get through the space and time. IT leaders need the same kind of starship—a fast-moving, innovative, enterprise-class platform that lets you and your team harness the power of the HCI and even more emerging technologies.

Remember when Star Trek’s original USS Enterprise NCC-1701 was undergoing an extensive refit after achieving her most lasting fame? So, too, today’s HCI players are showcasing significant new functionality all the time. With new offerings coming so fast, IT managers and their staff can be sideswiped by changes in the environment and miss out on why they need to re-equip their starships with new, capabilities.

This blog series will set your course for exploring new capabilities built on HCI and emerging convergence technologies, with concrete ways to address pain points and architect applications to leverage the cloud’s flexibility. Deploying a platform that offers faster and simpler isn’t only important, it’s mission-critical.

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