How to Calculate Your Azure Backup Pricing

Running an Azure cloud infrastructure securely and effectively for every business also means maintaining a solid backup of all the data in the cloud.

And to do that, Microsoft provides Azure Backup services to create all-encompassing backups with a predictable pricing system that lets businesses easily keep track of their Azure data backup costs.

Azure Backup costs from Microsoft depend on the amount of data to be backed and feature no upfront costs for account setup or administration. Costs are assessed individually for Azure Backup and for the storage resources that are consumed. Prices are calculated for each protected instance before compression and encryption. A protected instance refers to the computer, physical/virtual server or database that is used to configure the backup to Azure.

For virtual machines, the size of the allocated disk determines the data size; while for files and folders, the size of the files and folders configured for backup determine the data size. SQL Server backups are calculated based on the size of the databases they use. The backups can be done for locally redundant storage (LRS) or geo-redundant storage (GRS) using Block Blob storage.

Backup pricing starts at $5 for each instance of 50GB or less, while instances larger than 50GB, but less than 500GB, cost $10 each. Instances over 500GB cost $10 for each 500GB increment.

Storage pricing starts at $0.024 per GB for the first TB of data per month, while the next 49 TB of storage is priced at $0.0236 per GB per month. The next 50TB to 500TB of storage costs $0.0232 per month per GB, while the next 500TB to 1,000TB costs $0.0228 per GB per month. 1,000TB to 5,000TB of storage is $0.0224 per GB per month. For rates above 5,000TB per month of storage, users should contact Microsoft directly for quotes.

Support for Microsoft Backup services is also available from the company at an extra cost, starting at $29 per month, with an SLA (service level agreement) of at least 99.9% availability of the backup and restore functionality of the Azure Backup service.

Maintaining timely backups of business data is a critical step for all enterprises and Microsoft’s Azure Backup makes it easy to get needed services in one place.

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