Azure Security Center: A Complete Guide

To realize the full benefit of any cloud computing platform—Azure, AWS, or any other—you need to implement best practices related to security and compliance. All too often, data center security takes a backseat to data center design, which puts businesses at a disadvantage when it comes to keeping up with data regulations and preventing data breaches. A 2017 report from Intel Security notes that only 23% of organizations completely trust public clouds to keep their data secure. But with the right resources, it is possible for your organization to achieve both compliance and security in the cloud—without high costs, special expertise, or performance setbacks.

With security being one of the biggest barriers to cloud adoption, Microsoft has been directing many of its resources that way, including a recent expansion of its Azure Security Center. Below are some of the main features of the Security Center; compare them with other available security options on the market to find the one you feel most confident in, and comfortable with.

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