Hyper-V Management: 9 Tips Every Hyper-V Admin Should Remember

Opinions are various and abundant on how to best configure and manage Hyper-V. Much of the advice seems to be confusing, and some if it downright contradictory. One reason for such confusion is that some articles are obviously written under the assumption that VMWare best practices apply equally well to Hyper-V. The other, more common cause of this contradictory information is that best practices for Hyper-V vary considerably, depending on whether you’re managing a Hyper-V cluster. Continue reading

17 Tips for Hyper-V Disaster Recovery That Could Save Your Bacon

Disaster Recovery

The cyber world can be a perilous one. Even though you may never know exactly when a disaster will occur, you should always be ready for any scenario that may unfold across your datacenter. I have compiled a list of 17 tips that you can use to help you keep your datacenter ready for any type of disaster that may occur. Continue reading