Heads down….;) Life and Times of a Microsoft Technology Evangelist

Life and Times of a Microsoft Technology Evangelist

Hello all…It’s been a few weeks since my last blog post…I have been to my HQ twice in San Jose, California for week at a time.  You would be surprised how 3 hour time differences and coming back east messes up your day.  Still working on a system for that, but what works so far is to stay on your schedule…Last time I went to Cali, I let myself slip into the Cali schedule and coming back east was brutal for a week. ;(
So far my schedule that seems to work, but always evolving, is to run the entire west coast workday.

And let me clarify; I get up at 6am, wake up kids, get them rolling and then do morning emails, social media, etc. Before I can start my day at my home office, I take the kids to school, which is 30 minutes away.  I leave by 7am and hopefully get them to their by 7:40am with traffic.I use waze app and reporting the whole way. Your day has to start with some cool interactions with the world. During my time in the car, I take this time to listen to tech podcast. My favs are Security Now (shout out to Steve Gibson, the best in the biz) and Windows Weekly. Anyways, I am usually home by 8:30am and quickly grab a Mountain Dew and some kind of breakfast sandwich and ready to “Rock and Roll” with my day.

My mornings are usually quite and give a chance to work on my labs and documentation work. My work day start around 11am est (8am pst) and finishes around 8pm est (5pm pst). I know it sounds like a long day, but if you balance it right, it can work. I usually finish my night with reading tech stuff. btw…I might have to fit in a nap in this schedule somewhere 🙂

My work day usually is filled with meetings with internal folks across the board (engineering, marketing, se’s in the field, etc.). Also, spend time talk with Microsoft regional sales teams and vendors that partner with Nutanix. In between all of that, is where some real fun happens, I get to build fully functional environments running on Nutanix.

In the past 2 weeks, I have racked and stacked my new Nutanix block (blog post coming soon), and imaged my block with Hyper-V. Sneak preview pics…..Special Thanks to IT Team at Nutanix…they rock…
IMG_1296 IMG_1321
In that time, I also, installed an entire AD environment, with the System Center stack, Exchange 2013, Lync 2013 and Windows Azure Pack.  Truly Datacenter in a Box…the process was great and ease of deployment of the Microsoft stack on Nutanix was awesome. In the coming days, I will finish my Nutanix Cluster Architecture series, while posting the process of imaging the cluster with Hyper-V.

So, sometimes being heads down..can be good or bad?…with concentrating, usually so heavily and for so long that everything outside the focus area is missed.  This is something I need to do better at…

Until next time, Rob…