Windows 2012 Feature…ODX….What is it?

Here is a little piece of tech that not many people know about….Offloaded data transfers…it brings fast file transfers on your storage devices. This feature will only work on storage devices with SPC4 and SBC3 specification implementation.  Also, this feature is for Windows 8 or Windows 2012 Server or above.

Offloaded data transfers (ODX)

To advance the storage data movement, Microsoft has developed a new data transfer technology – offloaded data transfer. Instead of using buffered read and buffered write operations, Windows ODX starts the copy operation with an offload read and retrieves a token representing the data from the storage device, then uses an offload write command with the token to request data movement from the source disk to the destination disk. The copy manager of the storage devices performs the data movement according to the token.

In the Windows 8, the IT manager and storage administrator are able to use the Windows ODX feature to interact with the storage device to move large files or data through the high-speed storage network. Windows ODX will significantly reduce client-server network traffic and CPU time usage during large data transfers because all the data movement is at the backend storage network. ODX can be used in virtual machine deployment, massive data migration, and tiered storage device support, and can lower the cost of physical hardware deployment through the ODX and thin provisioning storage features.

Take a look at this YouTube video of technology being demonstrated on the Nutanix Platform. This video was made by one of my colleagues at Nutanix. Great job Mike M….

Until next time, Rob…