My First Blog Post

My First Blog PostThis is my first blog post….Some of you make think this a little odd, but I have been in technology my entire life living it, but not telling my story….Well, that is going to change now going forward.

Well, here is a little about me…For more details review my professional profile on LinkedIn, But to summarize, I am a Solutions Architect, specifically around Microsoft workloads.  I thrive to be the best in understanding Microsoft workloads, and sometimes is pays off.  I was one of the first chosen as a VTSP\VTA for Microsoft over 4 years ago.

Microsoft Virtual Technology Sales Professional – A Virtual TSP is an employee of a Microsoft partner working on a joint sales effort with Microsoft. They possess excellent technical and customer skills. Virtual TSP are individuals within partners that are typically the best in their field and are chosen by Microsoft. These resources have: Microsoft purple badgeholders,, have vendor RAS access to Microsoft systems The role included doing technology presentations for the Microsoft CTM/CAM/EPG teams. Specializing in Lync, Exchange, MDOP, Azure, Office 365, System Center, Mobility, Intune, Server, and Windows 8.

In January of 201,4 I was invited to the vTA program (Virtual Technology Architect). I was part of a small group trained in the use of the Microsoft Technology Centers in NYC and Cambridge, MA. I will be able to use the center to demonstrate the value of the Microsoft solution set to both technology professionals as well as business executives.
I have worked for Microsoft Gold partners for past 4 years as a Lead Microsoft Architect building  highly available solutions for customers.  My latest role has taken me out of delivering solutions. The next part of my journey has taken me from delivering solutions, but to teach and evangelist solutions. For me, this is a win-win situation. Teaching Microsoft Workloads on high performance, hyper converged technology. My current role is a Microsoft solutions architect for Business Nutanix.
So a little about Nutanix….

The Nutanix solution consists of the “Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform” which delivers enterprise compute and storage through the deployment of commodity computing servers (called nodes) which each run a standard hypervisor and the Nutanix Operating System (NOS). Each server contains Intel processors, memory, solid-state drives and traditional hard drives, and when added into a cluster aggregates storage resources into a single storage pool. Capacity is added by adding a node to the computing cluster.

Nutanix nodes run an industry standard hypervisor, such as ESXi, Hyper-V or KVM. On this hyperviso,r the Nutanix Controller VM (CVM) is deployed as a virtual machine. The CVM will service all the I/O for the hypervisor and its associated virtual machines. When clustered together, Nutanix nodes form a distributed computing platform called the “Nutanix Distributed File system” (NDFS). This is presented back to the hypervisor as NFS, iSCSI or Server Message Block depending on the hypervisor deployed.

So, as you can see, this is where I believe the future of Datacenter and Hybrid Cloud. and most recently, we have been rated the market leader as shown below:
“IDC (leading analyst firm) has published the first-ever market share report for HyperConverged solutions. We’re excited to report that Nutanix is credited with a dominate 52% market share – overwhelming all other vendors, including Simplivity, VSAN, Scale Computing, Pivot3, EMC ScaleIO and Maxta. (Old school “converged infrastructure” solutions, such as VCE and Flexpod are not included in this report)

IDC’s MarketScape is equivalent to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, and ranks vendors based on execution, strategy, and market share. In addition to having 52% share, Nutanix is the only company to be placed fully in the leaders region.”

Report Highlights
• Nutanix market share: 52%
• “Nutanix has been a key player in the emergence of the hyperconverged market and was early to demonstrate demand for the technology. The result has been a leading position in mind share, as well as market share.”
• “Nutanix systems have diversified from targeted or specialized workloads like VDI to Tier 1 applications and highly virtualized general business workloads like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, Splunk, and Unified Communications
So…Join me on Microsoft-Nutanix Journey…and reach for the cloud…..and beyond with HyperConverged……

Until next time, Rob